Our Vision

As an electrical engineering company we are focused on providing personalised consultation for all clients and provide tailor made products and services to ensure that the most efficient and effective solutions are rendered.

AICA Engineering’s management strategy is to achieve a workforce that reflects diversity in all forms, including gender, skills, experience and ethnicity. In all our efforts, we continue to embrace openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial, reflect our core values and is the focus of our people strategy.

We are also an environmentally conscious organisation. We achieve this through a varied and growing number of initiatives through our supply & corporate partners, whose products are manufactured to meet stringent World Environmental Standards.

Our Values

Our primary aim at AICA is to provide quality engineered and designed products that constitute the best value and return on investment.

  • We will endeavour to provide the highest standards of products and services in an efficient, friendly and professional manner.
  • We will continue to invest heavily in training and development programs to ensure that our products match the needs of our customers and industry standards.
  • We will listen carefully to your needs and supply you with relevant information gathered from our industry experience.
  • Your perception of our performance is the only measure to be considered because you are our business.