Custom System Design

AICA Engineering has grown over the past 4 years through the experience gained from our installations and consulting services which has a proven track record in the solar industry with over 5000 satisfied customers.

Technical Director, Dr Shaji Mathews, began designing and installing solar systems in 2007, building on experience from his electrical engineering background, his master’s degree in renewable energy power systems to his current position of a PhD in renewable energy systems. With this experience he has built a specialised team to deliver high quality customised solar systems.

Challenges we tackle:

  • Partial shading
  • Standalone systems
  • Unique on-site conditions
  • Optimising return on investment

AICA Engineering has ventured into providing electrical and renewable energy consultancy, design and installed services to businesses and homes owners. We are a team of skilled engineers and designers with 7 years of experience in the Australian electrical & renewable energy industry. We are dedicated to supplying customised renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial sites both standalone (hybrid power systems) and grid connected and to only use solar technology from reputable manufacturers and distributors.

Our design and installation teams are both Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and we supply the latest photovoltaic solar (PV) panel and inverter technologies customising each solar system proposal using specialised design and financial modelling tools.