AICA Engineering specialises in 3D photo-realistic concept imagery to meet the architectural needs of engineers, developers and designers looking for a cost-effective 3D visualisation solution for their projects.

We provide highly effective and flexible solutions for concept design, data visualization and analysis. This also includes developing presentations for clients, council approval and community engagement through print, broadcast and web media.

Our team is highly experienced in the ability to produce highly detailed and realistic 3D images and animations, as well as interactive 3D presentations such as architecture walkthroughs.

Our 3D visualisation services are equally suited to both the individual and business.

We offer the following:

  • Virtual product prototyping using 3D animations and visuals
  • 3D animations to provide clear procedural instructions, such as to illustrate correct health and safety procedures
  • Video presentations involving 3D animations and visuals to illustrate and emphasize specific points
  • 3D modelling and animation superimposed on real-life footage, in order to demonstrate the appearance and operation of a product in its intended setting
  • 3D animations and visuals to illustrate ideas and settings which cannot be filmed by normal cameras, such as very small-scope settings, inside machinery or in dangerous environments