We provide a broad range of work orders from minor electrical repairs and installations to major overhauls and upgrades.

AICA Engineering is a licensed registered electrical contractor with qualified electricians approved to supply, install and supervise electrical contracting work. In contrast to hiring a casual electrician, which can result in a situation where the work performed is unsafe and can cause potential hazards, AICA guarantees a high standard of quality.

Our services:

  • RCD ‘Safety Switches’ and Surge Protectors
  • Data/Coaxial Points
  • Feature Lighting Designs
  • Electrical Installations
  • Repairs and Fault Finding
  • Maintenance
  • Switchboards


Q: Are there any extra costs involved?

A: An electrician has a duty of care to ensure that wiring is safe when they leave it, even if it wasn’t 100% safe when they viewed it. This means that in order for the work to be compliant additional work may be required. If your wiring is relatively new there is less likelihood of this risk, but as standards have improved over the years, an old house may no longer have compliant or ‘safe’ wiring.

Q: What do materials or products cost?

A: All wires and ‘consumable’ materials will be supplied by your electrician, Most times included in a standard job price. You can supply light fittings, appliances, power points or switches etc. However, sometimes electricians can get trade rates on these items. When the product is a larger item such as an electric heater, electricians prefer to install items they know so it’s best to check with them before purchasing.

New Homes

AICA Engineering currently works closely with builders and has been carrying out full electrical supply and installation for new domestic homes. With our speciality of offering a variety of electrical and drafting services namely electrical installations, solar PV and hot water, drafting and design services, it is very convenient for builders to deal with just one contractor and at the same time providing a more fullyequipped home for their clients.

We understand pricing is an integral part of business, hence we are competitively priced for builders based on your business requirements.

What we do:

  • Single Storey New Homes
  • Double Storey New Homes
  • Unit sites and Apartments
  • Renovations
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Maintenance
  • Design

Our Services:

  • Property Subdivision
  • Communication
  • Data
  • Smart Wiring
  • Solar Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Complete Electrical Supply and Installations.